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Cooking with Love and Laughter with Wanitha Tanasingam

WHEN: 3,4,5 April, 2021

WHERE: Byron Bay and Mullumbimby

COST: AUD $190

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Cooking workshop with Malay/Indian chef Wanitha Tanasingam 

"We're going to learn the way I was taught, which is to use a knife like a chef and understand the ingredients, to get to know them. Once you get the flow going, cooking becomes a dance" - Wanitha Tanasingam

Join Wanitha Tanasingam for one or more of these  fun hands on and demonstration cooking classes including dinner. There is limited space as we are only taking a small group to stay safe during COVID19. 

or Go to Online Booking and Payment forms via links below >>

Proposed Menus*

SATURDAY 3 April, 2-6pm, Byron Bay

Malaysian Menu —

Chicken Sambal with Nasi lemak , Ikan bilis with achar, Satay - traditional style, Rojak (street salad with a funky presentation), Served with Sambal Belacan
Dessert - sago , palm sugar with coconut milk



SUNDAY 4 April, 2-6pm, Byron Bay
— THAI Menu —
Green fish curry served with Jasmine rice, Stir fry chilli (blacken roasted) with chicken and Green Mango salad
Dessert - Sticky rice with custard or mango if in season.


MONDAY 5 April, 2-6pm, Mullumbimby
— Indian Menu — Vegetarian
Briyani, Eggplant Masalah, Green plantain crisp, Raita, Papadums, Tomato Onion Salad and Pickles
Dessert - Kesari ( samolina cooked with cashew raisins and ghee along with saffron


* subject to change according to availability and whether there are any food intolerances or allergies in the group.
Contact: jennifer@thecreateescape.com.au

About Wanitha

Wanitha was born to cook! Her father was the Head Chef for the Kedah Royal Family in Malaysia. Some of her earliest memories are of being propped up on a stool, learning the difference between sour, bitter, salty and sweet!

Growing up in Penang, Wanitha then moved to Australia in 1982, started a restaurant and founded a cooking school.

“ Wanitha’s food is as exciting as her personality. Her food is a reminder of how food should taste ... warm, containing friendship, giving and joyful. Her friendship and love of food brings a touch of fire.”Margaret Fulton
"There's always this beat in the kitchen and when you feel that you actually get great food coming out. This is why music and food are constantly hand in hand. Mindfulness is also present when you're cooking because all the senses that are looking outwardly throughout the whole day will come home to you in the kitchen...you need to hear, smell, taste and feel the textures and those components are what will take food from ordinary to soul embracing". Wanitha

Her passion and enthusiasm for food and cooking soon saw her appearing at public events, leading to invitations to appear on morning television and as a regular Asian chef.

Malaysian Cuisine is rich in heritage and heavily influenced by its surrounding countries like India, China and Thailand. Curries are eaten every day by most Malays and are wonderfully aromatic and flavoursome.

Join Wanitha Tanasingan for one or more of these classes where she will share some fun and delicious food together.

* subject to change according to availability and whether there are any food intolerances or allergies in the group.
Contact: jennifer@thecreateescape.com.au


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